(Sigh) Even Soy Is Not Safe

Horrible story, courtesy of FriendsEat, about a study by Russian scientists that found that the third generation of hamsters fed an ample amount of genetically modified soy were unable to reproduce. Your first response, if you’re a healthy soy eater, is that this probably doesn’t apply to you because you buy your soy at Whole Foods. Or you don’t eat soy. Well, soy, being somewhat subsidized, is one of those unhealthy things that have permeated just about everything we eat, and not only goes into food called “soy” but also some of those long-named food additives like lecithin that you never knew where they came from. About 85 percent of the soy grown in the US is one genetically modified brand, a Monsanto brand called Roundup Ready. You may know the first part of that name – yep, it’s because these beans are perfectly suited to be sprayed with Roundup, the same herbicide you use at home when you’re feeling too lazy to pull weeds. Monsanto apparently makes some claims that Roundup is a safer herbicide than others, but it it still reportedly toxic to other plants and fish; see here.

Bottom line is that you may have been trying to eat more healthily and ethically and instead you may have inadvertently committed your Darwin moment. All thanks to your good friends at Monsanto, the good people at the USDA who regulate their crop offerings, and of course our friends in congress who routinely pass regulations that prohibit truth being printed on food products about its safety and healthiness.

A few years back, Barbara Kingsolver published an entertaining story (Animal, Vegetable, Miracle) of the adventure of trying to feed her family for a year with food grown locally to the family far in western Virginia. It’s an adventure in trying to keep up with the garden in summer and to do without greens and fruit in the winter and early Spring. But the more we read these stories the more it seems there is wisdom in it, if not only because one would thereby avoid soy that will sterilize you and preservatives and binders and such full of exotic chemicals and oil.


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