Health care … and common sense?

Props to the Minneapolis StarTribune for an editorial today noting the similarities between health care in Minnesota and in Germany, as well as its key differences – most notably that Germany’s health care costs 40 percent less and covers everybody. The piece sticks to the practical issues and steers clear of the usual rhetoric, underlining that there’s a sensible place in the middle here if all the people with loud megaphones would shut up for awhile. Of course, if you think paying excessively is a good thing or you really think that those underserving people who don’t work or who are otherwise morally deficient should be denied health care, then I suppose this article won’t speak to you other.

I also give it extra points for noting that Germans are less sedentary and thus less obese than typical Americans. Our ridiculous health care costs aren’t all about what the admittedly broken and mis-prioritized health care system does for us.


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