Emily Dickinson Comes to Heal Tucson

If you’re like me, you reacted to the January shooting of Gabrielle Giffords with shock and anger. Especially anger, especially after the talk radio and TV spin machine started churning in the days the followed.

Tucson poet and publisher Lisa Bowden had a wiser response. Instead of more anger and protest, she’s created a community event focused on getting more people to read and talk about poet Emily Dickinson. Thanks to numerous artists, dancers, theater and other community groups, Emily is all over Tucson. Real the full story in the Tucson Weekly, Kore Values.

I’m especially admiring of this because I’m lame when it comes to Ms. Dickinson’s work. I’ll read a poem and be awed. Multiple times I’ve picked up her complete poems, thinking to get it, and I get lost. Clearly some deep character flaw or brain defect. In any case, having artists to lead people like me into the depth of Emily Dickinson’s work is nothing but goodness.


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