Ry Cooder Channels Him Some Woody

The lesson from life is that if you take things as serious as I do, you will be grouchy and cranky and have no friends. You have to find the key to your own laughter, even if you’re face to face with the likes of Tim Geithner, Hank Paulson, Larry Summers, Sandy Weill, John Stumpf, Angelo Mozilo, Ken Lewis, Robert Rubin, or any of their ilk.

I know some people were feeling like we were finally gaining some leverage against the giants of finance, especially after the big banks recently dialed back proposed debit card fee hikes. Maybe Occupy Wall Street was doing some good, many of us thought. But today my local cafe had a notice up requesting patrons to pay with cash or credit, because the banks have passed on debit fee increases to them, specifically in the form of a 500-plus percent increase in what they have to pay for the “convenience” of your using your debit card. It took a quarter off what meager amount they were earning on my cup of coffee. Their grubby hands are reaching in everywhere.

So take it away Ry (who’s digging down and finding his inner Woody, an imp djinn for his guitar). He hasn’t sounded this good in years, and boy is it timely.


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