Fathering, part 17

This afternoon I was out raking the last of the leaves, a chore I had put off all weekend hoping the sun would come out but it never did. Not long after I’d gotten started Grace came out and asked if she could help. I said, “Did your mother make you come out?” She said, “No, I haven’t helped you with the raking yet this year and I thought I should.” I’m not sure if I could explain why it made me so happy to hear that.

Grace and I work well together, trading off parts of the work without having to talk about it. When she gets tired of raking she starts crushing the leaves in the bags, or when she steps back from the bag I hold out the shovel to see if she wants to scoop for awhile, which she usually does. It’s so nice to work with someone where the work is done cheerfully and doesn’t have to be discussed or ordered. We should all have more of that in our lives.

I started the raking a little grumpy because the sun hadn’t come out. 27 bags of leaves later (making 66 for the season total) I’m feeling lucky.