A Note on My 365 Project

If I were more organized and linear, two things which I am certainly not, I would have written this before I got started. As is usual, I barely knew what I was starting when I started.

I’m trying to spend a half  hour or so each day letting one of the characters from my novel hold the mic for a little while. My aim is to help me get more familiar with each of them as the year goes on and at the same time to give myself practice in trying to catch the voice in its raw, unfiltered form. I don’t plan edit what comes out of this exercise, unless I see words that I have mis-typed. That means that a lot of what I post will likely be momentary treasure – helpful to me as I write it although not necessarily anything worth reading. And some of it will likely be downright bad. I apologize in advance for that, although not really, since getting comfortable with having a morning that produces bad prose is also part of the point. Hopefully, that also comes with some surprises and some fun. Thanks for joining in the adventure.

This effort might never have gotten off the ground without the suggestions and encouragement of my friend, writer and artist Niya Sisk. She is doing a wonderful 365 project in which she produces and posts a watercolor in about half an hour. As my young son says, “How does she do that in 30 minutes?” If you haven’t had a look, check out her work by clicking here.


5 thoughts on “A Note on My 365 Project

      • My ratio of writing time this past week has been a little higher on these ‘voice’ pieces than the chapter I’m working on, but they’re helping get clearer on these characters (sometimes taking me where I hadn’t expected), so I don’t mind. We’ll see what happens when I start holding myself to a half-hour or so.

      • Very inspiring! And I’m guessing very useful to you — refreshing your relationships with your characters and spontaneously gaining more insight. Great stuff.

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