120 / 365 – Swedish


Nilsson, that’s a Swedish name. I’m not sure how the Laura’s family got stuck in a town with a bunch of Norwegians, but her great-grandfather settled on that land a long time ago.

We were in Stockholm and we had met this guy Greg, an expatriate. He worked at an American bank there. I don’t get that. I mean, if there was a Swedish bank here in Jericho, I wouldn’t use it. I would go to the local bank., even though the local bank is owned by the family of Sarah’s ex-husband. Well, almost-ex-husband. Anyway, I would go there. But I guess Swedes like to use American banks and so then they need Americans to go over and work at them.

We were in Stockholm and I wanted to find an internet cafe because I wanted to check my email to see if there was any news about Laura. Someone had said she had disappeared but that was all we knew. We had been in Eastern Europe and I hadn’t been able to get on the internet for a few days to check my email. Kate was getting a little aggravated about it — well, a lot aggravated. “We’ve been planning this trip for a year, Finn, and all you’ve been thinking about is your friend back in New York.” She had started saying it that way, “Friend.” So I was trying not to talk about it, but that was just making me think about it more. And Kate was getting more and more aggravated, which I think this guy Greg kind of liked. I think he was trying to scam on her. I just wanted to scream and get away from everybody. Greg said, “What’s her name?” Kate said, “Nilsson, Laura Nilsson.” Greg said, “Oh, a Swedish name. How funny!” But it wasn’t funny. Kate was rolling her eyes, looking like she wanted to scream and I was wanting to scream and Greg acted like he didn’t notice and said, “Can I buy you two a drink?”

Maybe he didn’t notice. Or maybe he did and he was trying to pry Kate loose. I don’t know. But I look back and I think that must have been the beginning of the end. I know I kind of walked away from her more than she walked away from me, but I think that was the beginning of the end.



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