134 / 365 – Boom


It’s raining. You can’t get the machines out on the fields. Wouldn’t you know it I’m the guy who waited, who didn’t jump out there early to plant and now I’m stuck, a few more days’ delay. Yesterday it seemed like just a light rain and I thought maybe I could go out anyway, but I wasn’t a hundred yards out into the field and I could see my wheels were sinking in. And that one is usually my driest field. Probably could get out with one of those new machines they got with the treads, they look like some kind of farming bulldozer tank but they say they’re good on soft soil. The sales guys say that anyway at the John Deere dealer. I don’t know anyone can afford to own one. I can’t even afford to get one of those new, bigger machines. Can’t keep up. I try to make do with what my dad and my granddad and my uncles all used. If it worked for them it should work for me.

Nothing much to do if I can’t plant. Today I got up and I could hear the rain falling slow, steady. Thought I might as well just sleep in. I never do that, but today it seemed like I might as well. I don’t know why. I just lay in bed, awake, worrying about missing another day.

And, jeez, the birds. I guess I never listened to them. They’re up in the poplar and spruce trees we have around the house making all kinds of crazy racket. I don’t know what kind they are, crows maybe. Hundreds of them, sounded like. All came out to remind me that I’m late getting my fields planted.

I went into the closet and got out my old .410. But dang if it wasn’t loaded.Then I remembered all the shot was down in the basement. And I was boiling over too much then to get it.  So I pulled the Magnum out of the drawer by my bed. That thing makes a pretty good bang. I wasn’t trying to shoot any of the birds, just wanted to scare em off. Boom. Suddenly we went from that infernal chattering and tweeting to wings, lots of wings, moving off. A whirling cloud of them funneling out of the tree and off, low, over the fields. Out to the shelterbelt that splits my furthest section from the neighbor’s place. At least I could sleep now. But of course, the big blast of that gun and the noise, and my ears still ringing, I wasn’t tired enough to sleep. So I just stared out the window for awhile and watched the rain fall. Then I felt lazy for taking so long to get out of the house.

This spring is sure coming on slow.


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