WM Rine is a part-time writer, photographer, writer, and full-time Dad from Minnesota. After growing up in Oakland, California and spending some lost years wandering the East Coast and Europe, I ended up in the region covered by this blog, a sort of funnel-shaped region (clearly delineated only in my mind, probably) that encompasses the whole north of the continent, then narrows in on the prairie states and the Rockies, down through the Sonoran Desert and the Land of Enchantment and into Mexico. It’s all great country and full of really interesting people doing really interesting things.

These days I’m working on a novel set in a small town in northeastern North Dakota. This blog is mostly about what I’m encountering as I write and research that.

In the words of another old crank (and actually accomplished writer), Ed Abbey:

… my highest ambition is to compose one good, very long novel – The Fat Masterpiece. That accomplished, I shall retire to my hut in the heart of the desert and spend the remainder of my days in meditation, contemplating my novel. I hope to become a rock.

Some days I think I am already almost a rock.


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